OmeGo® provides all the benefits of fresh fish, including anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. It is a very stable, natural product with a shelf life of four years. Fresh with very low oxidation levels in its natural form means that it is more easily absorbed than commercial fish oil and contains a minimal amount of fatty acids (0.1% -0.2%). Our process allows the complete separation of raw materials at low temperatures, thus avoiding oxidation, and separates all fats from proteins in the oil components. HBC has patented data to reduce the highly inflammatory form of 'bad cholesterol' (ox-LDL GP1), which contributes to narrowing of the arteries (atherogenesis).


Dabiskas izejvielas

Fresh raw materials are key to maximizing the quality of the final product. Our precious raw materials are transported directly from our suppliers' factories in our own certified tanks several times a day to ensure optimal flow of fresh cuts. Using high quality raw materials, we are given the opportunity to produce fresh and completely natural salmon oil like no other. We focus on a sustainable and traceable process, because if the end product is to be of the highest possible quality, the key is to control all aspects of the production chain.

Mūsu ceļojums sākas šeit

Hofseth BioCare starts with the purest natural raw material: Atlantic salmon. Atlantic salmon are harvested from fish farms located in the ice-cold fjords off the west coast of Norway. Salmon cuts used to be considered waste, at best in animal feed, but now we are turning yesterday's waste into high-quality healthy food for humans and pets.

Pārredzamība vienmēr

This pure oil deserves the greatest knowledge to the fullest. That's why we only work with him in the best business to make sure the oil in the bottle is fresh. The high-quality ingredient should be reflected in good design, and Brilliant Salmon Oil stands out from the crowd with a clear, UV-protected bottle and pump for easy application.