About us

outcomeHofseth BioCare is founded on the core value of sustainability and the optimal use of natural resources. Through our innovative production technology and raw material logistics, we are able to preserve the quality of the protein, calcium, and oil extracted from fish. Products that previously could only be used as animal feed are now made suitable for human consumption. Hofseth BioCare’s key objective is to provide high value-added biomarine ingredients for human nutraceutical use. Our business concept starts with a dedicated focus on logistics that allow fresh Norwegian salmon to be transported to the processing plants yet preserving the fresh quality needed for human nutrition. Our proprietary enzyme-based hydrolysis process then gently liberates a soluble protein fraction, oil fraction, and salmon bone fraction without the use of any chemicals, solvents or harsh conditions to produce our superb-quality nutraceutical ingredients. Our R&D work, undertaken together with our partners worldwide, has shown that marine ingredients that are minimally processed have unique and powerful biological efficacy and help to maintain good cardiac function, improve mineral absorption and increase energy, as well as helping the skeletal function. We continue to explore new ways of using these unique marine ingredients to improve the wellbeing of healthy individuals.norwaytech
















State-of-the-art equipment and closeness to fresh quality
raw material is of paramount importance when deciding
the location of our production plants.

Midsund, Hydrolysis Plant Hofseth BioCare´s first processing plant is situated in Midsund, Norway and it has state-ofthe-art hardware and technology. Our dedicated,skilled, and trained staff with wide-ranging experience from the food processing industry ensure that the customer has full attention during the production process. New products will be developed together with the customers and our in-house R&D and S&M crew. On request, customers can be given access to analysis results and certificates for their own products. The advanced production facilities and our stringent quality system are GMP+ and
FSSC 22000 certified. Consistent high-quality products are a significant advantage, since competitors primarily focus on bulk deliveries
of products from poorly controlled processes. Close cooperation with world-leading enzymes vendors, who have their own R&D and laboratory
facilities for close follow-up and troubleshooting for all types of product and production issues, ensures the best quality standards.
Berkåk, Spray-drying Plant Hofseth BioCare acquired this state-of-the-art
spray-drying facility at Berkåk in January 2013. This facility has enabled Hofseth Bio Care to control the whole protein value chain from the sourcing of raw material through to the final product. Spray drying is a central and crucial part of the production process.