Terms of use of the website www.naturanordica.lv

Terms of use of the website www.naturanordica.lv

General terms of use of the website www.naturanordica.lv.


  1. Before starting to use the website of SIA “Fish Club” (registration No. 40203229731, address - Melluzu prospekts 9-2, Jurmala, LV-2008) www.naturanordica.lv, please carefully read these terms of use of the website www.naturanordica.lv ( hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations").
  2. The website www.naturanordica.lv means the website created by SIA “Fish Club”, the internet address of which is www.naturanordica.lv, with all the information and materials contained therein.
  3. By visiting the website www.esma.lv or using the information placed on it about the provision of goods and services, you personally or the person you represent, if you act on its behalf, agree to these terms.
  4. In case you do not agree with these terms, please do not visit and use the website www.esma.lv, as well as do not use the services offered and the information contained therein.
  5. We would like to inform you that the purpose of processing the information (including personal data) entered on the website of SIA “Fish Club” www.esma.lv is to provide the services indicated therein and to provide assistance during the use of the website www.esma.lv.
  6. SIA "Fish Club" has the right to unilaterally change the content and terms of use of the website www.naturanordica.lv at any time. Such changes shall take effect after their publication on the website www.naturanordica.lv.
  7. From the moment you start using the website www.esma.lv or perform any activities on the said website, it will be assumed that you have read the terms and conditions in force at the time of use and will follow them. Every user of the website is obliged to read the rules regularly in order to be informed about changes made in time. If you do not agree to the terms, you are prohibited from using the Website.
  8. Users of the website www.naturanordica.lv have the right to use the facilities and services offered on it at the price valid at the time of offering the respective service. SIA "Fish CLub" has the right at any time to change the prices indicated on the website www.esma.lv and / or create new paid services at its own discretion.
  9. In order to become a registered user of the website www.naturanordica.lv, the registration procedure specified on the website www.naturanordica.lv must be followed.
  10. Every user registered on the website www.naturanordica.lv is obliged not to disclose their access data to other persons. If operations are performed on the website www.esma.lv with the profile of a registered user (incl. Goods and / or services are purchased) using the correct username and password, then it is considered that the operations in the respective profile have been performed by the registered user himself.
  11. The user of the website agrees to receive information from the website www.naturanordica.lv on various topical issues, if the free and unambiguous consent of the user as a data subject has been received (except in cases when sending messages to the user is performed on another legal basis).
  12. SIA "Fish Club" is not responsible for any expenses and losses incurred during the use of the website www.naturanordica.lv.
  13. In case of any doubts about filling in the document forms posted on the website of SIA “Fish Club” www.naturanordica.lv, please contact the indicated contact person of the website www.naturanordica.lv.

Use of the services offered on the website www.esma.lv.

  1.  The total purchase amount must be at least 0.15 EUR. If the total purchase amount is less, the purchase will not be confirmed.
    You must always act in accordance with the procedure indicated on the website www.esma.lv.
  2. Do not misuse the information posted on the website www.esma.lv. You may use the services offered on the Website only in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. SIA "Fish Club" has the right to suspend or terminate the provision of services if compliance with the terms of use of the website www.esma.lv is not ensured during the order.
  3. When requesting SIA "Fish Club" or a person represented on its behalf to make changes to the registered order, which is incomplete, please note that the changes can be applied by writing an e-mail info@fishclub.lv from the e-mail address specified in the order or by contacting SIA "Fish Club".
  4. SIA "Fish Club", finding errors and / or inaccuracies in the prices or descriptions of the product on the website www.naturanordica.lv, has the right to unilaterally cancel the distance contract until the payment for the specific product has been credited. Exceptionally, the distance contract of SIA “Fish Club” may be canceled in cases where the distance contract has been entered into with the abuse of the other party, or with fraud or coercion; due to defects of the ordered goods; due to excessive loss suffered by one or the other party; due to late payment for the goods and in other cases specified in regulatory enactments.
  5. Use of the website www.naturanordica.lv does not grant any property rights to the content to which you have access. It is prohibited to use the content of the information posted on the website www.naturanordica.lv, unless the owner of this content has permission or other permission in accordance with the law. These terms do not grant the right to use any brand or logo included on the website www.esma.lv. It is prohibited to remove, obscure or change the notices that appear on the website www.naturanordica.lv or are provided via the website www.naturanordica.lv.
  6. The website www.naturanordica.lv displays the content and description of goods and other information that is the property of SIA Fish Club.
  7. In connection with the used services, SIA "Fish Club" is entitled to send notifications, reminders about the started but not completed services and other information to the entered e-mail address in order to improve the quality of service provision. You have the right to unsubscribe from receiving any news by editing this information in your user profile, unsubscribing from receiving news, clicking on the email link or sending information to email: info@fishclub.lv

Use and confidentiality of data entered on the website www.naturanordica.lv.


  1. SIA "Fish Club" informs that by indicating your e-mail address, you agree that it is included in the database and can be sent to it from the website www.naturanordica.lv a notice / reminder about started but not completed orders for goods.
  2. By using the website www.naturanordica.lv, you agree that SIA "Fish Club" or any third party acting on behalf of www.esma.lv may collect and store data that allows you to track and record:

23.1. the total number of visits to websites,

23.2. the number of visitors to each specific website,

23.3. www.naturanordica.lv visitor internet service provider domain names,

23.4. IP addresses,

23.5. other data, the purpose of which is for the purposes of system administration, as well as to control the use of the www.esma.lv website and organize its improvement.

  1. SIA "Fish CLub" on the website www.esma.lv is entitled to transfer the data collected and stored for information purposes and statistics purposes to other companies as well. DATA TO ALLOW THE IDENTIFICATION OF A PERSON ARE NOT DISCLOSED IN THIS PROCESS OR TRANSFERRED TO THIRD PARTIES.
  2. SIA "Fish Club" does not associate the user's IP address and e-mail address with data that allows to identify this user. This means that each user's session will be registered, but the user of the website www.naturanordica.lv will remain anonymous.
  3. All materials sent or entered on the website www.esma.lv become the property of SIA Fish Club, which SIA “Fish Club” as the owner of the website www.esma.lv is entitled to use for its own purposes, except for a natural person data.
  4. Please note that by providing your e-mail address or sending any information to the website www.naturanordica.lv, you have agreed that SIA "Fish Club" is entitled to use this data only for the above purposes, including paragraph 20 of these regulations. for the specified purpose.

Product ordering and copyright protection of the website www.naturanordica.lv.

  1. When ordering the product, confirm that you have read and agree to the website www.naturanordica.lv
  • Personal data provided by buyers is processed in compliance with regulatory enactments governing the processing and protection of personal data. When processing and storing the Buyer's personal data, the Seller uses organizational and technical means to protect personal data and prevent their illegal processing. More about the processing of personal data
  1. When ordering the product, confirm that you have read and agree to the product
  2. When ordering the product, confirm that you have read and agree to the warranties.